Musculoskeletal medicine

Dr Jane Dunbar


Dr Dunbar is only the 4th Doctor in the UK (and first Doctor in Scotland and the first female Doctor in the UK) to be recognised by the GMC as a specialist in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Who can benefit?

  • Anyone injured or anxious about exercise
  • Tradesmen with niggling injuries, recreational gardeners, weekend sports people, dog walkers, elite sports athletes... anyone and everyone

The benefits

  • Onward referral to other health professionals as part of a coordinated rehabilitation team (Physiotherapists,osteopaths, surgeons, psychologists, sports nutritionists, podiatrists etc)
  • Medical assessment for sports or exercise
  • Event medical cover advice

Musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging

  • X-Rays can view bones but not the softer tissues like muscle, tendons and ligaments, most often injured. Musculoskeletal dynamic ultrasound imaging is ideal for muscle and tendons and their blood flow and can be performed quickly (with no radiation risks) in the clinic with Dr Dunbar's portable scanner and used dynamically as joints move. It can also be used to direct image controlled injection therapy to the exact area of the problem if indicated. It is ideal for imaging achilles, patella and shoulder tendons.

Present Posts

  • Private Sports Medicine Clinic with Framework Clinic
  • Medical Officer with PGA European Tour and Ryder Cup 2014
  • One of Medical Officers with Scottish Commonwealth Games team to Delhi in 2010 and Glasgow 2014
  • Medical officer with Team GB paralympic squad for London 2012
  • NHS Sports clinic at Airthrey Park Medical Centre Stirling University
  • Part time lecturing at Stirling University Sports Study Department, and with British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine

Common conditions


Rotator cuff injury
Acromio-clavicular joint
Frozen shoulder


Tennis elbow
Golfers elbow
Common enthesopathies


Trigger finger
Golfers' injuries
Gardeners' injuries


Ligament injury
Meniscal injury
Patellar tendonopathy
Children's growing pains


Achilles tendon
Ligament injury
Chronic pain
Plantar fasciitis
Morton’s neuroma