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Stethescope-wKeeping your workforce well

We offer a wide range of services to employers to help you keep staff well at work. Lost time is expensive and disruptive to any organisation and our aim is to minimise this for you. We have business clients of all sizes and in a wide range of industries in both the public and private sector.

Rapid access to treatment

Research tells us that the sooner that a diagnosis is made and treatment is commenced, the better and quicker the overall outcome. Research also shows that people get better quicker if they keep working, sometimes in an easier role and we aim to keep your employees at work.  We offer rapid access to our services and an appointment can often be made within 72 hours. For our business partners we can arrange to provide reports at the initial consultation that give details of what the problem is, how long it will take to treat, and what the employee is fit to do. We report again when we discharge the individual to help you to keep track of the outcome.

Workstation assessments

We have a system of training people in how to set up their work stations perfectly for them every time. This is an excellent way of preventing musculo-skeletal problems and goes beyond the DSE recommendations.

Postural task assessments

There are some tasks within an occupational environment that are more posturally challenging than others and we help you to work out a solution to make the task more comfortable for those who are doing it.

Manual handling training

Our manual handling training not only covers the guidance from the HSE but also informs people about how the musculo-skeletal system works, what goes wrong with it and helps to prevent issues from arising. We will often use photographs and video of your employees performing their usual roles as examples of good and bad practice.

Fitness to work assessments

If you would like to know whether a particular individual is physically up to the task, then we can assess them in our clinic and provide you with a report as to what they should be capable of doing. This can be helpful in guiding employees back to work after a period of absence.

For more information, or to arrange a discussion as to what we can provide please contact us on 01786 831100