Our results

We audit our outcomes continually and have done so for 15 years. We present here some of our results and some details of our patient profile

  • 47.4 Average patient age
  • 50:50 Gender ratio of patients treated
  • 3.8 Average number of treatments to a successful outcome
  • We get 80% of patients at least 80% better.

Our satisfaction survey results

In January 2013 we conducted a survey of everyone attending our clinics and we asked what people thought of several key areas of our service. These are the results averaged across all three clinics.

Time taken to get an appointment                94%

Assessment                                                      99%

Treatment                                                         99%

Explanation of the problem                            99%

Advice given                                                      97%

Overall satisfaction score                                96%

We continue to take care over our service and we make improvements wherever we can.