What to expect

towels-wWhen you arrive for your first appointment please complete your personal details on the form that will be on the table in reception.

At your initial consultation we will ask you lots of questions about the complaint and some background questions about your medical history. If you are taking medication then it is helpful to us if you would bring a list of what you are taking.

Once the history is complete we will need to assess the area and it is helpful if you wear clothing appropriate for us to have access to the problem area. For example, if you have a knee problem then we will need access to your knee, and if you have a back problem then we would like access to your back.

We will usually ask you to do a few simple movements so that we can assess how far and how well that you move. We will often perform a few simple tests whereby we move the area for you. Sometimes we will check that the nerves are working correctly and we will take your reflexes or check that the skin has correct sensation.

Once we have an understanding of what is causing the problem we will explain it to you, and tell you how we propose to treat it. We can explain how the treatment will work and explain any side effects or risks that may be associated with the treatment if there are any. At this stage we may be able to give you an idea of how long it will take to treat.

We can also give you some guidance as to what activities to avoid and which ones should be safe for you.

We will often give you some additional guidance on how to treat it at home, or give you some stretches or strengthening exercises to complete at home to aid your recovery

Occasionally we need to refer people for more tests such as X-rays or blood tests. This may delay treatment for a short time but there is always a very good reason why we would want more information such as an X-ray.

We will answer any questions that you may have at any time.

If you would like to bring someone with you to the appointment then you are very welcome to.