Movement for runners

It is an astonishing fact that we are never taught how to run, it tends to be assumed that if we can walk then we can run. However, there is a technique to running and an art to running well.running shoes

A runner who is able to move efficiently can do so with less effort than someone who is not using their body at its best, and they are less likely to get an injury.

Our approach to tuning a runner’s movement performance is to look at your running style and how well that you move. We then look at how well you can maintain a good trunk length, keep your balance and propel youself forwards.  We look at how well you use you arms and how they relate to being able to rotate the trunk on the pelvis. We look at which muscles that you use to run, and at areas that are too tight and areas that need to be strengthened.

Once we have a detailed overview of how you are moving we can give you some guidance on what to modify in your technique, stretches for tight muscles and exercises to strengthen any that are weak. We can also give you movements to practise to help you to integrate your movement for greater efficiency.

Many of us carry injuries from the past which, if they didn’t repair fully or well can reduce our efficiency. If the body cannot access movement from one area it will create it somewhere else, which in turn can create strain and potentially, further injury. Some of our advice may be to reduce the tension in your muscular system by switching off certain movement patterns to prevent the over-use of these muscles.

Running more efficiently may improve your performance – you may be able to run faster, or further, or with less fatigue, and most importantly it may help to prevent future injury. It may do none of those things but it should certainly feel nicer whilst you are running and in the recovery afterwards.

Whether you are a seasoned endurance runner, a weekend warrior or planning your first 10k then come and see if we can help you run more efficiently.

If you would like to book an appointment to have an assessment of your running movement and some help on how to improve it then please call us on 01786 831100